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Natural Hygiene (NH) is the science of health. The word Hygiene comes from "Hygeia" - the Greek Goddess of Health.  NH believes that health is attained, maintained and restored primarily  by healthful living habits - giving the body what it needs in appropriate quantities and refraining from indulging in things that are harmful to it.  What we eat, how we exercise, how much sleep we get, what we think, what we feel - all these determine our state of heatlh. Our health is truly in our hands!

Of course the principles of NH cannot be followed blindly, but have to be adapted to the individual and his environment. No one size or one solution fits all - but on the whole, a "back to nature" approach gives remarkable results for almost everyone. Nh advocates a plant-based diet, high in raw foods, and adequate amounts of sunshine, water, exercise, rest and sleep, and positive mental attitudes and emotions as the keys to vibrant health.

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The Indian Natural Hygiene Society (INHS) is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to spread the message of Natural Hygiene, suitably modified to suit the individual and his environment. We want to build a community of health seekers who believe that adopting a natural way of living is the key to superb health life long. We want to empower this group with the latest information, and connect them with those who provide products and services in this area, so that it becomes a self-supporting and learning community. Wherever in the world you are located,  if you would like to be a part of this movement, you are welcome!! 
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